50+ IELTS Books PDF Free Download

50+ IELTS Books PDF Free Download

We have collected the best 50+ IELTS books for you to download in PDF form. These IELTS books are divided into several categories. Those include IELTS reading practice tests, Speaking improvement books, Writing samples, Listening tests and etc.

Books are both for Academic and General Training module.

An Overview of IELTS Listening
Module format IELTS Listening has four sections, each with 10 items (or questions). Each item is worth one mark. The items are designed so that the answers appear in order in the listening passage. During the test, time is given for candidates to read the questions and write down and check their answers. Answers are written on the Question Paper as candidates listen. When the tape ends, ten minutes are allowed for candidates to transfer their answers onto an Answer Sheet.
The table below provides a summary of IELTS Listening.
Topic Area
Input Main Skill Focus
Number of Questions
Social needs
Conversation with a transactional purpose e.g. finding out about travel services
Listening for and noting specific factual information
Social needs
Monologue or prompted monologue with a transactional purpose e.g. giving information about a public event
Listening for and noting specific factual information
Education and training
Discussion between 2 – 4 people in an academic context, e.g. tutorial or seminar
Following a conversation which involves negotiation of meaning. Listening for specific information, attitudes, and speakers’ opinions
Education and training
Monologue in an academic context e.g. lecture
Following an academic argument. Listening for main ideas, specific information, attitude and speaker’s opinion
Answer format Candidates write their answers on an answer sheet.
Timing Approximately 30 minutes plus 10 minutes transfer time.
Marks Each question carries one mark, giving a total of 40 marks.

Free Download 50+ IELTS Books PDF Free Download

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