Collins Cobuild: Phrasal Verbs Workbook PDF Free download

Collins Cobuild: Phrasal Verbs Workbook PDF Free download

Collins Cobuild: Phrasal Verbs Workbook lists over 3,000 phrasal verbs and explains over 5,500 different meanings. This workbook practises the most important phrasal verbs, with around 300 different meanings. Almost 50% of these are formed with 18 common verbs. Six common verbs – bring, come, get, go, put and take – account for nearly 30% of the phrasal verbs in this workbook.
Though the workbook can be used on its own, more benefit will be gained by working closely with the Dictionary. Practice is approached through the individual particles, as featured in the Particles Index of the Dictionary.

This workbook is a vocabulary book rather than a grammar book. The examples and exercises throughout the book show the different syntactic patterns of the phrasal verbs. Whilst working on this book, it was found that the most important phrasal verbs are nearly always adverbial. These are also the most difficult phrasal verbs for learners to understand. It is for this reason that prepositional phrasal verbs are not included in this workbook.

For a detailed explanation of the grammar of phrasal verbs please refer to the Collins Cobuild Hnglish Grammar, as well as the introduction in the Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs.

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