Compare and contrast Task 1 Academic


Compare and contrast language is Vital for task 1 if you want to achieve a higher band score.

We listed different ways of comparing and contrasting below:

  1. Comparative and superlative adjectives

high /higher/ the highest

low/ lower/ the lowest

expensive/ more expensive/ the most expensive


  1. Transition words

“However/ In contrast/ In comparison/ On the other hand” and many more (link)

The USA consumed the highest volume of electricity in 2004. Japan, however, used the least amount of electricity.

The USA consumed the highest volume of electricity in 2004. In contrast, Japan used the least amount of electricity.

British people spent just above 120.000$ on TV sets. In comparison, this figure was much lower for Italy at 50.000$.

It is clear that majority of Australians spent their holiday abroad. On the other hand, Italians opted for staying in their country.

  1. Subordinating Conjunctions

whereas/ while / although

Europe and Americans each comprise 14 % of the total, whereas the figure for Africa is lower, at 10%.

It is clear that in 1966 food was the main expense, while 30 years later it was cars that came top.

Although Japan came first for the crime rate in 1980, then this rate dropped dramatically.


  1. Other ways of comparison: more/less/ as…as/ similar(to) / the same …as


More females than males attended Joy club in the last decade.

Less electricity was consumed in 2014.

Bugatti was not as popular as Ferrari in 2015.

Consumption rate in China was very similar to Russia.

Finland produced the same amount of electricity as Netherlands in 2014.


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