Directions and prepositions for maps



In maps it is essential to have strong command over directions and prepositions. Read below given article to find out how to use them in IELTS writing task 1:

Preposition usages

  1. The cottages are to the north-west of the forest
  2. The A is to the southeast of the B.
  3. The A is to the south of the B.
  4. The A is to the north of the B.
  5. The track runs in a north-eastern direction from the cottages.
  6. The woodland is in the north-eastern corner of the map.

Some samples with prepositions of place

  • A is beside the B.
  • A is north of the country. (not in country)
  • A is to the north of the country. (not in country)
  • A is in the north of the country. (in country)
  • A south of the river.


Several changes took place in the town of Northgate.

East of the town, there is a lake surrounded by trees.

A number of new houses were built beside the railway line.

There was a large industrial area located in the north.

A new railway was  constructed which ran from north to south.

Two new hotels were erected on the banks of the river.

A large number of new villas were built beside the sea.

A yachting club was set up on the shores of the lake.

A number of wind turbines were placed in the sea, just on the coastline.

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