How to write body paragraph for graphs

How to write body paragraph for graphs

How to write body paragraph for graphs

After you learn how to write Introduction and Overview for Task 1, you must write perfect body paragraphs to score high in IELTS task 1.

It is recommended to write two body paragraphs and for this, you need six sentences (three for each)

There are three things to remember while writing body paragraph:

  • Group trends
  • Give key figures (Not every single figure)
  • Compare and give exceptions

Explain the trend when you start the sentence and give key figures while writing:

Turning to X, the trend was a gradual increase and then a decrease, going from 200 to 240 and then down to 150.


You should compare trends and exception between graphs or groups. Include key figures with them:

“As regards to car sales, it is clear that purchase rate in Japan and China was almost stable between 1998-2004, fluctuating around 500.000 and 700.000 per year respectively. In Russia and Finland, the figure climbed dramatically, going from 400.000 to 700.000 and 200.000 to 500.000. In France, however, the number of cars sold decreased by almost half.


See how above paragraph is structured.

1st group (Japan and China)

  • Explains trend (Fluctuate)
  • Gives key figures (2 figures)


2nd group (Russia and Finland)

  • Explains trend
  • Gives key figures


3rd group (Exception)

  • trend (Opposing phrase like however)
  • number

For similar trends use

Similarly/likewise/in the same way/ a similar pattern or trend



However/By contrast/by comparison/conversely