How to write causes and effects essays

This essay type requires you to note causes and effects of a particular subject. Most of the time causes and effects essays are written using discussion essay style. You can mention causes in one paragraph and effects in the other one.

Look at the below example to understand the structure:

The world’s air pollution levels are rising year on year.  Discuss what you feel are the causes and effects of this disturbing trend.

The growing level of airborne pollutants has proven to be a major obstacle for humanity in the 21st century.  To address this issue, encouraging popular understanding is a paramount first step.  This essay will examine the major causes and effects of atmospheric pollution.

Firstly, the greatest causes of airborne pollution growth today come as a result of both progression in the developing world and wastage in the developed world.  For example, as the affluence of over 2 billion Indian and Chinese people continues to grow, sales of pollution-causing vehicles will move in tandem.  As this phenomenon compounds with the tremendous levels of pollution already coming out of the developed world, a recipe for unshrinking levels of air pollution can be seen.  Thus, demand for petrol vehicles in the developing world and resource wastage in the developed world can be concluded today’s greatest causes of airborne pollutants.

The effects of these airborne pollutants tend to manifest themselves as health issues.  For instance, it is estimated that a larger percentage of children have asthma today than ever before in human history.
To make matters worse, scientists are now finding air pollution can cause abnormal foodstuffs growth among farming populations the world over, and consumption of these foods has been linked to cancer.  Thus, growing asthma and cancer rates are the most chilling effects of the world’s rising air pollution.

Following this look, unfortunate trends in the developed and developing worlds are inciting swelling numbers of asthma and cancer sufferers.  These are considered to be the most significant causes and effects of the planet’s air pollution levels.  Thus, controlling byproducts of human activity has to become central to humanity’s collective strategy for the 21st century.

As you can see the first body paragraph gives causes and the second one contains effects. While it is possible to write several causes and effects, it is highly effective to have a theme in your each paragraph. in this essay themes are (1) lifestyle trends in the developed and developing world and (2) the health issues that result from airborne pollution.

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