How to write Introduction,Body and Closing paragraph for letters

How to write Introduction,Body and Closing paragraph for letters

The Introductory Paragraph

In the introductory paragraph, there are several things you can do. Look at the sample sentences and phrases below. Don’t make it complicated. Write to the point and make it short and quick.



The Body Paragraphs

Between the introductory and closing paragraphs, you will find the main body paragraphs. The most important paragraphs which carry your writing score are the body paragraphs. The body is the middle part of the letter which contains most of the information needed in the task.

Types of letters in Task 1, General Training

  1. Complaint letters
  2. Letters of apology
  3. Request or inquiry letters
  4. Invitation letters
  5. Thank you letters

There are several standard patterns for organizing the structure of your letter in an English style. Look at the following examples.


The Closing Paragraph

The content of the closing paragraph depends on what you have written in the rest of your letter, but some possibilities are listed in the following table.

Beginnings and Endings of letters are also important to write task 1 letters.For the beginning and the ending of your letter, there are some options to write in Task 1 letters:

writing task 1 letters sample lesson


In English, there are certain standard words and phrases that can be used when you want to make a request, suggestion, complaint, and so on. These are called functions. You should learn some of the common functions. Some examples are featured in the table below.

writing task 1 letter lesson 3


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