Matching Sentence Endings

Matching sentence endings


In these questions, you will have to match the first part of a sentence with a suitable ending, chosen from a list of possibilities. You will need to write the correct letter on your answer sheet. There will be more endings than sentences.

When you are looking for the correct ending for the sentence, you should look for:
• grammatical agreement – ask yourself if the ending is grammatically possible (e.g., Is the verb in the same tense? Do the subject and the verb agree? Is the sentence structure complete?)
• endings that cannot be correct because they are grammatically impossible.
• meaning – make sure that second part of the sentence is on the same topic as the first part and check that it follows logically.

Exercise 1.
Read the sentence endings A-H from Sentence matching question. Find three endings that express purpose.
To support their training.
B useful for helping actors find work
C based on research or just rumour
D disagree on the amount of privacy a person should have
E make it more difficult for famous figures to retain their privacy.
F to obtain personal information.
G considered in legal case
H to give high-profile personalities publicity.

Exercise 2.
Look at the sentence beginnings a-g.

Which two beginnings are most likely to be followed by a phrase indicating purpose?
ii Which two beginnings logically match the endings A-H in Exercise 1?

a Technological developments
b Reports in the press may be
c Film premieres are
d The press and celebrities sometimes
e Famous sports personalities need sponsorship
f  Public interest may be
g Phone hacking has often been used


Exercise 1

Exercise 2
i e,g
ii e A, g F