Paragraph heading

In these questions you are asked to choose from a list of headings ( numbered I,ii,iii, …) that refer to the main meaning of a paragraph or section of the text marked with letters ( A,B,C …). There will be more headings than there are paragraphs to match.


To answer these questions you will need to find:

  • the parts of the text that summarize the main idea of each paragraph or section.
  • related or similar words in the headings (e.g., famous figures, press, needs, conflicting).

To identify the main idea of a paragraph you can skim the text, without looking for detailed information.

  • Look for key topic words in the paragraph (e.g., celebrities, media)
  • Find words that are repeated or connected with each other (e.g., love, need, demands, hate, conflicting).


A Our life span is restricted. Everyone accepts this as ‘biologically’ obvious. ‘Nothing lives for ever!’ However, in this statement we think of artificially produced, technical objects, products which are subjected to natural wear and tear during use. This leads to the result that at some time or other the object stops working and is unusable (‘death’ in the biological sense). But are the wear and tear and loss of function of technical objects and the death of living organisms really similar or comparable

  1. Match the correct heading to the paragraph.

i The biological clock
ii Why dying is beneficial
iii The ageing process of men and women
iv Prolonging your life
v Limitations of life span