Recent IELTS exam questions 19 July 2018 UKVI

Recent IELTS exam questions

Student got following questions in IELTS speaking exam on July 19, 2018, IELTS Acad-UKVI

Part 1:
Where do you live?
Do you work or study?
How often do you use your phone?
What apps in your phone do you usually use?
Why do you use them?
What apps you think you would need in the future?
What other appliances have you got at home?
How are these appliances differ from that in the past?
***Then, the examiner inserted this question, which I think was a bit off our topic***
Have you got pets at home?
What wild animal have you seen?

Part 2:
Describe a piece of technology (not a computer) that you use.
What is it?
When do you use it?
How do you use it?
And why is it important?

Part 3:
How is technology different now than in the past?
Who do you think benefits the most from technology?
How can the younger generation help older people cope up with technology?
Aside from the youth, who else can assist older population with technology?