Recent IELTS exam questions 22 July 2018

Recent IELTS exam questions
Candidate got following questions in her IELTS exam on 22 July 2018

Speaking test

Part 1

Do you think there are many advertisements on TV?
Do you remember the adverts you saw as a child?
Do you like it when famous stars advertise a product?
Do you buy products after you when their advert?
Are advertisements essential?

Part 2 – Describe an occasion when someone took a good photo of you. Say when it happened, who took the photo and why you think it was good.

Part 3 

Do you like your photo being taken?
When technology being used to morph photos, do you think people have lost the craze to take photos?
Is it necessary for one to be professionally qualified to take a good photo?
Can any lay man take a photo to be printed in the newspapers?
How is newspaper photography different?