Recent IELTS exam questions 23 May 2018 India

Recent IELTS exam questions

Candidate got following questions in his IELTS exam on 23 May 2018 in India 

Speaking test

Part 1

  • what’s your full name?
  • Are you working or you’re a student?
  • What kind of work you do ?
  • How was your first day at work?

Cue card:

describe a situation when you had to hange your plan?

  • why you had to change your plan
  • what did you do after changing the plan?

Part 3

Follow up questions: 

  • what do you think why people change plans?
  • why it is important to adap to changes ?
  • why do old people don’t change their plan?
  • Is gradual change advisable or rapid change?

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