Recent IELTS exam questions 25 July 2018

Recent IELTS exam questions

Candidate got following IELTS exam questions in his Speaking exam on 25th July, 2018

General Training
25th July, 2018

Where are you from?
What do you do? Study or work?
Why did you choose the job
How was your first day at work?
Did you eat foreign food when you were a child
Are foreign food popular in your country
Why is it so?

Cue Card:
Talk about a sport competition you would like to do in the future
– what it is
-where and when it is
What you have to do

And why you feel you will do it.

Part 3

Name some professions that competition is required
Why is it necessary?
Why people are competitive?
Why are some regarded as bad competition?
Is it a trait or learnt?
Can you learn?
Why some parents don’t want their kids involved in some sporting competitions?
Is it good?