Tenses for Task 1 Academic

Tenses for Task 1 Academic

Tenses for Task 1

Tenses are also important when it comes to Task 1.

  • Use the Past simple for the events occurred in the past
  • Use Will correctly or instead use ‘’is anticipated to/is expected to/is predicted to’’ for the events that is going to happen in the future
  • Try not to use passive voice (amount was increased)


See the title of the chart to find what time is used :

If the time is 1990 then use past

if the time is 2025 then use future

if there is no time used you should choose present simple


Look at the examples below to understand it much better:


Example #1

Look at the below bar chart. Can you see the time it shows? Read the rubric and notice the time on the chart.

The table below shows the consumer durables (telephone, refrigerator, etc.) owned in Britain from 1972 to 1983


As you can see all the years (1972-1983) given are in the past. Therefore, you should use past tenses in your writing.

Example #2

Now what tense would you use for the next chart?

The bar chart below shows the results of a survey conducted by a personnel department at a major company. The survey was carried out on two groups of workers: those aged from 18-30 and those aged 45-60, and shows factors affecting their work performance.


As you can see there is no year or any time given. In  this case you should use present tense to describe the chart.

Let us see another example where you should use Present tense again:

The table below shows the sales at a small restaurant in a downtown business district.

Sales: week of October 7-13

  Mon. Tues. Wed Thus. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Lunch $2,400 $2,450 $2,595 $2,375 $2,500 $1,950 $1,550
Dinner $3,623 $3,850 $3,445 $3,800 $4,350 $2,900 $2,450


As you can see on this chart, we have time given (Monday-Sunday). But this Week days are not accompanied with a year like 1990 or so. That is why we use general tense – Present tense again.


Example #3 – Future

Most of the students use “Will” without any anticipation phrase in their sentences, which is Wrong!

You should use “Will” with anticipation as:

It is anticipated/expected that the figure for A will reach 500 in 2030

Or simply use on of the phrases below:

  •  It is anticipated that …
  •  It is forecast that …
  •  It is projected that …
  •  The chart shows forecast that …
  •  The forecast for … is that …
  •  …. is set to ….
  • The expectations are that …
  •  …. is likely to be …