Verbs to express change (Task 1 Map language)

Verbs to express change (Task 1 Map language)


Build          construct        cut down    disappear       establish      knock down          open         plant        replace


  • The forest disappeared because the trees were cut down.
  • A new building was constructed which replaced the supermarket.
  • The cottages were knocked down and skyscrapers were built.
  • A small shop was opened where the cottages used to be.
  • A university was established on the site 1 close to the new supermarket.
  • Trees were planted in the field next to the university.


Some more verbs:

For buildings

to be demolished, to be erased, to be knocked down, to be cleared, to be destroyed, to be pulled down to be put up, to be constructed, to be built

The cottages were demolished to make room for a new factory

For trees

to be chopped, to be cut down, to be cleared, to make way for, to make room for, to be planted

The trees were chopped down to make way for new factory.