Academic Writing Task 1

Writing Task 1 Academic Module

In IELTS Writing task 1 Academic Module you will be given graphs, diagrams and tables to write a report on them.

Types of Tasks in Writing Task 1 Academic module are:

Writing task 1 academic tips and lessons:

Lesson 1 : How to write Introduction for line graph/bar graph/pie chart and table

Lesson 2: How to write an Overview paragraph for Writing task 1 Academic

Lesson 3: How to write body paragraph for graphs

Lesson 4: Sequence Markers (Task 1 Academic Process language)

Lesson 5: Directions and prepositions for maps

Lesson 6: Verbs to express change (Task 1 Map language)

Lesson 7: Tenses for Task 1

Lesson 8: Compare and contrast Task 1 Academic

Lesson 9: Task 1 numbers and statistics

Lesson 10: How to write body paragraph for graphs

Lesson 11: Adjectives and adverbs for Task 1 Academic

Lesson 12: Trends in Task 1 Academic

Writing Task 1 Academic samples