• A writing task 1 table can be consisted of data as it is on pie charts,graphs and bar charts.
  • At first,Tables might seem to you a little bit difficult! Don’t worry!!

Tables are as the same as line graphs or pie charts

Before you start learning how to describe a writing task 1 table, you need to learn these first:

Always write 4 paragraph essays – introduction, overview, 2 bodies

Introduction    (Learn how to write an Introduction for graphs)

Overview         ( Learn how to write an Overview for graphs )

Bodies              ( Learn how to write Body paragraph graphs)

Let us now describe the below given table with our structure:

ielts writing task 1 table sample


The table illustrates consumer expenditure on various goods in five different countries in 2002. It’s clear that among the given countries Turkey spends highest/most on food, drinks and tobacco, and in the leisure and education category,while Italy comes top in terms of clothing and footwear.

According to the table,Turkey allocates 32.14 per cent of its expenditure to food,drinks and tobacco, closely followed by Ireland at 28.91 per cent, while the figures for Spain, Italy and Sweden were each less than 19 per cent.

As regards to Leisure and Education, it’s Turkey that comes first again at 4.35 per cent. Sweden and Italy have around the same figures at 3.2, while Spain is the smallest spender in this category, at 1.98 per cent.

In contrast, Italy takes up first place in terms of clothing and footwear spending 9.00 per cent of its expenditure on these items. Ireland, Spain and Turkey each allocates about 6.5 per cent of their spending in this category, with Sweden having the lowest figure at 5.40 per cent.

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